The BiTSY Stage

We provide high quality, FREE theatrical productions for the whole family. Our adaptations of international folktales celebrate the things we all have in common while exploring the differences that make our world so rich. The owners of The BiTSY Stage proudly funds this website,!

International Theatre & Literacy Project

The International Theatre and Literacy Project use theatre as a means of social and educational uplift for children and teen-agers struggling with the challengers of poverty, crime, violence and inequality in developing countries throughout the world.

The Freedom Theatre

The Freedom Theatre draws its inspiration from a unique project, Care and Learning, which used theatre and art to address the chronic fear, depression and trauma experienced by children in Jenin Refugee Camp. Set up during the first Intifada the project was run by Arna Mer Khamis, a revolutionary who devoted her life to campaigning for freedom and human rights, together with women in the refugee camp.

Actors for Autism

Actors for Autism is a performing arts and digital film making organization that provides programs for individuals with disabilities ages six and up. Programs include acting, film making, animation, claymation, dance, music, social skills, performing arts academy and vocational training.


GISHWHES believes that "normalcy" is overrated and that the true "living" can be found hidden under the rocks of community artistic creation, acts of artistic sublime public performances, and random acts of kindness. More importantly, we are all artists and have gifts for society no matter what our capabilities or talents.

Manhattan Theatre Club

For over 25 years, MTC Education has worked with youth confronting the challenges of poverty, trauma, and involvement in the justice system. We believe these young people deserve equitable access to constructive educational opportunities that can lead toward fulfillment, success, and productive citizenship.

Artists Striving to End Poverty

We see every day how access to the arts gives children vital skills that can be used in school and in their personal lives. They become better communicators, build their confidence to participate, and learn how to solve problems by thinking outside the box. Most importantly, the arts show each child that their voice is important. There is infinite possibility in that belief.

Bond Street Theatre

This company responds to the humanitarian crisis through the uplifting powers of the arts. The company has initiated innovative theatre and theatre-based programs in over 40 countries worldwide, and reached populations in refugee camps, schools, shelters, prisons, rural villages and urban centers.

Prison Performing Arts

Prison Performing Arts involves incarcerated youth and adults in the performing arts to inspire intellectual curiosity and personal development. We nurture the discipline, teamwork and communication skills necessary for successful re-entry into society.