Mission: My Name is Kumar works primarily with the children and families from the Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu (close to Chennai). Most of the children we work with were born into a begging community called Londor, where there are extremely high rates of alcohol addiction, child abuse, domestic violence and child marriage. 99% of adults living in Londor are illiterate.


Children living in Londor are forced onto the street to beg at an early age. Commonly, the money they ‘earn’ is used to fuel the prevalent alcohol addiction of adults in the community, which in turn causes high rates of abuse and violence.


At My Name is Kumar we believe that education is the key to improving the life of children born into poverty and begging. We also believe that children need role models to look up to; if their parents are given opportunities to improve their lives through learning new skills and alternative ways to earn a living, then the whole community can break the cycle of poverty.




Care and Education of Children:  Increasing child welfare, giving support for their daily needs, providing access to education and building family awareness of child welfare. Learn more about our Child Education initiative.


Community Development: Developing community infrastructures, increasing access to medical services and raising awareness around the key issues affecting the Londor community (alcohol abuse, domestic violence).


Employment: Assessing skills building and career opportunities, increasing access to financial services and increasing opportunities for earning an income outside of begging. Learn more about our Community.


Source: MyNameIsKumar.org


Locaton: India


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