Inner-City Arts, widely regarded as one of the nation's most effective arts education providers, is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles.

We believe that the arts and creativity are transformational. Inner-City Arts envisions a society that honors the human capacity for creativity, and values its cultivation in the education of young people.


Our mission is to engage young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative individuals.


Providing access to the arts and the endless possibilities they offer, Inner-City Arts is an investment in the youth of Los Angeles. Creating a bridge between the studio and the classroom, Inner-City Arts' unique approach to arts education measurably improves academic and personal outcomes for children and youth, including those students with Limited English Proficiency who are at risk of academic failure.


We are here because:

- Arts education levels the "learning field" across socio-economic boundaries, improves student retention and reduces the achievement gap

- Professional development of teachers is an essential component of student academic achievement

- Teachers who receive training and support, including instruction in the arts, are more likely to remain in their profession

- Most students in California do not receive instruction in the arts even at the level required by state law

- 29% of California's public schools offer no study in any arts discipline

- Students who attend schools with high levels of poverty have the least access to arts instruction

- Children with limited English-language proficiency are at especially high risk of academic failure

- Only 48% of African-American and Latino students who start 9th grade graduate four years later

- Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District are among the nation's most at-risk to drop out of school


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