This project, through PhotoTherapy Techniques, offers the Syrian Refugee children the opportunity to freely express their feelings and thoughts, deal with their psychological traumas, socialize by participating in group activities, develop their skills and receive the psychological support they need. Furthermore the children's photos will travel around the world, highlighting the real refugee problem through the eyes of children, raising worldwide awareness and sensitizing the public opinion.




In Greece, in the areas of Schisto and Skaramangas (Athens), over 1.500 Syrian refugee children live in special camps-hot spots. Apart from the overall living and poor sanitary conditions, children are experiencing very intense, unpleasant feelings being uprooted from their homeland & face a series of psychological traumas from the war. They, also, struggle to adapt to the new circumstances, feel uncertainty & great fear for the future and are unable to express their true thoughts & feelings.




We will offer a personal camera to every Syrian refugee child, 6-18 years old. Our photographer will offer them 3 times/week photography lessons. The children will learn photography techniques, choose freely their photos' subject & express their feelings through phototherapy sessions. Using laptops & projectors as tools, they will be able to discuss about the story behind each photo. Our qualified psychologist will offer psychological support, based on the children's photos.


Long-Term Impact


Over a 6 months period, over 250 Syrian refugee children will be provided with individual cameras, attend phototherapy courses and receive psychological support, adjusted to each child's needs. Also, we will host a photo exhibition dedicated to the most characteristic pictures taken by the refugee children. We will highlight the photos through media campaigns, encouraging foreign organizations advocating for children rights, within our network, to promote the initiative boosting public awareness




Location: Athens, Greece


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