The BiTSY Stage and The Betsy Stage are part of Lucky 20 Productions, the owners of All of our productions are completely free, as we believe in making the arts accessible to the entire community.


Our first theatre, The Betsy Stage, was created in 2010 with the purpose of adapting classic Shakespearian works to today’s world. Shakespeare spiked, if you will. Our motto was "You get the lights, I'll get the curtain, lets put on a show!"


In 2016 we formed the "little sister" of The Betsy Stage with The BiTSY Stage. Here strive to provide high quality, economically accessible (they’re free!) theatrical productions to children. By adapting international folktales, we wish to show our audiences that people all over the world have much in common while celebrating the differences that make our world so rich.


We believe that Art Will Save The World.



Location: Denver, CO


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Donations are accepted, but all shows are FREE.

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