Afghan Institute of Learning

Mission: Educated people are the foundation of a stable, productive and self supporting Afghanistan. Educating women and girls is critical so they can contribute to both their family life and the prosperity of their communities. Educated women contribute ideas, advocate for their rights and help sustain a society based on core values.


Education about health is critical to ending the cycle of illness that debilitate families and therefore communities.


Education will open up the potential of women and girls so they can seek greater knowledge and develop their skills.


The Afghan education system needs restructuring and expansion. AIL  provides preschool through secondary level classes, income generating skills and in depth training. In the past, AIL also offered university level instruction and nursing courses. The Afghan people are ready for more and AIL receives requests for more in depth education in the form of workshops and for subjects that go beyond the basics and into topics such as human rights, leadership, democracy and peace building. AIL has a culture revival program and people are  rediscovering their rich heritage and culture through classes in traditional Afghan arts and crafts.


The country needs more high-quality, local, civil society organizations  and investment in building the capacity of civil society to ensure that the people will be able to meet their educational and health needs without foreign assistance in the future.  AIL helps local people set up centers of learning and provides high quality teacher training and administrative skills training so these centers thrive.

In addition, AIL supports schools with administrative skills and teacher training in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.




Location: Afghanistan


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