We believe in teaching kids that their stories are important and that they can create positive change for their communities.


First, we identify marginalized communities across the globe and partner with exceptional community organizations that recognize the most pressing needs around them. We don't aim to pick and choose how our students can help change their communities, and instead, we trust our carefully chosen partner organizations on-the-ground to pinpoint the highest priority local needs. Whether it's medical supplies, educational resources, or emergency lifeline supplies, no need is too small.


In collaboration with each organization, 100cameras then gives kids the tools to express themselves through photography, interact with their environment, and become agents of change. Our custom storytelling curriculum teaches personal development along with basic photojournalism skills, and their photo stories are turned into sellable products. 100% of proceeds directly fund their own medical, educational, and lifeline supplies.


Our model seeks to seamlessly integrate artistic education and community development, teaching students that they do have the skills and power to transform the world around them. The results thus far are stunning, and our students are proud to directly serve their communities by sharing their perspectives.


Each project becomes part of a global network of 100cameras staff, supporters, and volunteers. Purchases and contributions are more than just financial - our kids have learned the power of their perspective, and in sharing their work, they have seized the opportunity to have a positive impact within their own backyard.


And that is our goal: to empower kids to realize they can create tangible change by sharing their stories, one community at a time.


We believe in helping kids learn young that their voices and perspectives matter in their lives and in the future direction of their communities - no matter their background or current circumstances. With your help, we seek to amplify our students' voices by sharing their stories with the world. And together, we can empower youth to continue the cycle of positive change well into their adult years.


Join us and teach kids that their stories are important and that they can be changemakers.


Source: 100Cameras.org


Location: Headquartered in PA, this group travels the world for their mission


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